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See what the Pros and our customers are saying about NuFletch Archery products.

“Once I put them on my arrows and starting shooting tighter groups with deeper penetration with NuFletch, it was a no brainer. I had to start shooting them all the time. With the animals I hunt, I can’t risk making a shot with poor penetration. NuFletch helps drive the arrow through the vitals for that animal to expire quickly and ethically.”

~Tom Miranda

“The NuFletch product is fantastic. We were skeptical at first, but NuFletch has got me to be a believer. Once we started shooting NuFletch, we’ve never looked back. We’re seeing a lot more penetration, and we’re shooting better at longer distances. I am shooting more consistent, longer ranges – out to 100 yards. The ability to break down our gear for travel and customize our arrows instantly means no time is wasted. NuFletch makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable. Get some wherever you can get your hands on them…you won’t be disappointed. Julie and I swear by them.”

~Rick Kreuter, Beyond the Hunt

“Shooting a lighter poundage, one of the biggest concerns is getting that pass through, getting that penetration. You want every advantage; when you’re presented with that shot, you want to make everything count, and NuFletch has helped me with that. I also like customizing my own arrows (the girl thing!). They are so simple to switch out. And if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and you have any problem, you can switch them out, fix the problem right there and jump right back into your hunt. No time is wasted.”

~Julie Kreuter, Beyond the Hunt

“I’ve become an instant fan of NuFletch and will be using it from now on.  My arrows fly straighter and flatter with NuFletch, and it’s really helped my long shots!”

~ Spook Spann, Spook Nation

“NuFletch gives you more correct arrow flight and more kinetic energy down range; you get deeper penetration and more pass-throughs.  NuFletch is an exciting product!”

~ Alex Rutledge, Bloodline

“Leigh and I have been shooting the NuFletch product for the past year. We have both taken world class animals with this product. The confidence this product gives Leigh and myself makes all the difference in our bow hunting. Every time we take an animal on camera the camera man jumps from the sound of such a hard hitting arrow. Thanks John and all the gang at NuFletch for sharing such an awesome product.”

~ Leigh and Travis Creekbaum, The Chase

“I’ve always been a fanatic about arrow penetration. With the NuFletch system, I don’t worry anymore! Better arrow flight with greater penetration leaves nothing to chance!”

~ Randy Birdsong, HeadHunters TV

“The NuFletch system is amazing! I cannot believe I can now replace my fletches in just a few seconds without sacrificing accuracy. I’m sold on NuFletch!”

~ Joe Thomas, High Places

“NuFletch has changed the way I hunt forever. With all the travel we do, the ease of fletch take down and re-fletch has freed us from vane damage. The added penetration we gain with NuFletch and the consistency of grouping make us NuFletch fans! Thanks for a truly innovative and super superior product.”

~ Bob Coker, Outdoors with Bob Coker

“It’s amazing to have a product like NuFletch that allows me to change arrow shafts on a moment’s notice! I start hunting in mid August out west in the wide open where I like to use a light, stiff shaft for distance shooting. Now I can come back from a wild west swing and immediately change my shafts to a heavy, stiff arrow shaft for large bodied whitetail bucks of the north and hunt from tree stands. Adding the NuFletch system to your arrows, makes your arrows more convenient and powerful than ever before. Thanks NF for such a great product!”

 ~ Mike Pelletier, HARDCORE Pursuit

“Two archery seasons ago, I switched to the Nufletch system and it was the best thing I have ever done! When I picked up my first pack, I didn’t know how much easier it was going to make bow hunting for me. I am able to spend more time in the woods and less time trying to have my arrows re-fletched. Not only does it save you time and money, it gives you unmatched accuracy and penetration right out of the pack. I would recommend that all archers switch to the Nufletch system.”

~ Kyle Lott, Smacked Outdoors

“After hearing about NuFletch I had to give them a try. With the first shot I could tell the difference. They shot better than my conventional arrows but penetrated much deeper.  Also with the quick fletch design you can change fletchings in a breeze.  I will never shoot anything other than NuFletch.  NuFletch, It’s crazy not to use them.”

~Jared Lott, Smacked Outdoors


~ Ken Dabbs, Hunt Wicked Close TV

“When I first saw the NuFletch product at our local archery shop initially, I was very skeptical, but in my mind I knew it had potential of being something great if it could make it into the hands of the correct people to promote its advantages. For me, and I assume like many others, weight, cutting the arrows and stability were main questions and concerns I wanted to investigate. The moment I held the product in my hands and watched the video, my suspicions were quickly dismissed. After shooting the product, I quickly realized what this product could truly do for hardcore hunters that put their equipment to the test.

My first experience shooting the NuFletch product was through the Ghost 400 crossbow by Barnett. This bow is radical, and shoots hard. My concern was, could NuFletch hold up to the punishment the 400 would deliver? This bow produces a tremendous amount of kinetic energy. Well, not only did it withstand the force of the crossbow, but it made the bolts fly straight and true down range. I found the result of cutting the length of the arrow, or bolt in my case, shorter to compensate for the length of the NuFletch body gave my new bolt a much stiffer spine. The penetration using the NuFletch product was incredible. The accuracy is also incredible, with such; I now must shoot all the dots on the Block target to keep from damaging my NuFletch vanes and bodies.

I will say this about myself: I have a very hard time promoting and advising for others just to use a product that I truly don’t believe in. I just won’t do it because they are paying the bills for me to hunt. If I never kill another deer, that is fine with me. It is my character that matters the most to me. Integrity is what people remember about an individual and I believe a man’s character is what God judges. I simply could not sleep at night knowing that I would be staking my integrity just to promote a product for the benefit of financing my hunting.

I am truly looking forward to working with the folks at NuFletch to help develop and promote the NuFletch product line. I personally believe in these products and would like to do all I can to help others understand this product. I believe it is important to educate archers, young and old as to help keep the wonderful tradition of hunting fun and exciting so the next generation will follow in all our footsteps.

From me and all the guys at Head Hunters TV, thanks for an exciting product!”

~ Troy Ruiz, HeadHunters TV by Mission


“Innovation that makes good cents”

~ Don Dvoroznak, VP of Marketing for Ripcord Arrow Rest

“NuFletch is a great product and there is no reason why every archery hunter shouldn’t be using one…or twelve!”

~ Jeff Ensor, Non-Stop Hunting

“I admit I was beyond skeptical when I first learned of NuFletch. However, it only took me two shots to truly understand how ignorant I was about this technology. Today, I have taken over a dozen animals from various U.S. states and Africa with NuFletch. I have also won many state championship shoots with the NuFletch Target Models.”

~ Walt Pittman, ASA Pro Shooter & World Class Bow Hunter

“I must emphasize the customer service you provide!!! It is a quite good feeling when you plan a trip to the other side of the planet that the equipment you bring along work as intended….and your product does exactly that!!”

 ~ Tryggve Tønneberg, Norway

“I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I love your product. I have been shooting them for a few months now and they are just incredible.  You have an amazing product and I am hooked for life. My hunting partner and I are active duty military and we tend to travel a lot.

NuFletch allows us to pack our arrows up without worry about the fletchings getting messed up. Thanks for a superior product.”

~ Chris Bosley

“Thank you for introducing me to NuFletch at the Birmingham Deer Expo. I have been bow hunting for approximately 25 years and have tried other types of arrow fletching methods but none gave me arrow flight and penetration like your product. I have been shooting them each night after work from my PSE Brute. Your product does exactly what you said it would do. Thanks for taking time to introduce it to me and thanks for freeing me from the “joys of fletching”

~ Bobby Myers

“After getting them in and shooting within 15 minutes, I almost Robin Hooded an arrow at 35 yards.  Still holding a tight group and didn’t have to touch my pins. NuFletch ROCKS!!!”

~ Benjamin Mote

“Hey, I just got your new design for the Nufletch. I put them on my arrows today and probably shot 20-30 times. THEY SHOOT AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! They shoot so accurate it’s ridiculous. I even switched the fletchings out with the same fletchings but different ones and they shoot the same.  Dead accurate, flatter shooting and better penetration. I was shooting at 30 yards and I was getting better groups than I was before. I shoot a Bowtech Assassin with Easton axis n-fused carbon arrows. The Nufletch is going to make me shoot so much better. This is an awesome product to buy.”

~ Sean

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