Which NuFletch product fits my arrow and how does NuFletch install on my arrow?

Please see PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDES (APE Selection Guide) under the RESOURCES tab for shaft-specific reference.

NuFletch Spectrum Standard (APE Standard Arrow Tails):  Designed to fit standard diameter carbon arrow shafts (fits 250, 300, 350, 400 & 500 series shafts).  NuFletch installs to the shaft by cutting down the arrow shaft (see installation demo) and using a standard aluminum glue-in RPS insert on the tail end of the shaft.    Spectrum Standard screws into the insert just as your broadhead or field point would attach to the insert.  RPS inserts are specific to the arrow you shoot.  You will need to purchase these from your local archery dealer.  Spectrum Standard products are available with straight fletch slots or 2 degree offset (helical) fletch slots. 

NuFletch Spectrum Light (APE Light Arrow Tails): The Spectrum Light products are designed for slim line arrow shafts such as the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Easton Axis or Gold Tip Kinetic series shafts (.265 – .275) requiring hidden technology (HIT) inserts.  As inserts are specific to the arrow you shoot, you will need to purchase the inserts from your local archery dealer.  Once the shaft has been cut down (see installation demo), using the insert tool, bond the HIT insert into the tail end of the shaft.  Once the insert has dried, simply screw the NuFletch fletch system into the insert.  Spectrum Light products are available with straight fletch slots or 2 degree offset (helical) fletch slots.

NuFletch Spectrum X (APE X Bolt Tails):  Designed exclusively for crossbolts.  Once the bolt has been cut down (see installation demo), Spectrum X is attached to the tail end of the bolt through the use of your bolt’s required insert.  You will need to purchase these inserts from your local archery dealer.  Spectrum X products are available in straight fletch slots or 2 degree offset (helical) fletch slots.

How does the installation of NuFletch affect my arrow’s weight and FOC?

With the installation of NuFletch, you must cut off 2.75” of carbon from the arrow.   The cut and removal is necessary to obtain the correct arrow length with the addition of the NuFletch ferrule to your arrow.  Remember, you must subtract the length or total weight of the shaft you removed when calculating weights.  You will be adding an insert which typically weighs 14.5 – 15 grains.   Do not count the vanes and nock again as they are always present on your arrow.  The average weight added to most standard carbon shafts is approximately 50-55 grains.

The FOC of a NuFletch-fitted arrow will be closer to 3-4% Front of Center.  If you are entering your new arrow weight into a FOC calculation program, the program by traditional analysis will tell you the arrow’s FOC is too far back.  What the computer fails to take into account is perhaps the most crucial factor, this factor is oscillation.  Oscillation or lack of spine control is a highly destructive element in arrow flight.  To overcome oscillation, spine control must be introduced into the analysis.  The goal is to reduce the violent whipping of the arrow during its initial launch in an attempt to rapidly stabilize flight.  Spine control is exactly what you are adding with NuFletch.  Reduced deflection upon initial launch is caused by a combination of a stiffer spine and rearward shift of the arrow’s center balance with the addition of the NuFletch ferrule.  The centered balanced arrow will not project as much initial oscillation upon immediate release as compared to an arrow that sits front heavy.  The centered weight arrow will recover more rapidly thus allowing the arrow to use mass as a positive tool while flying true to target.

In summary, the installation of NuFletch helps to provide a neutral balance point in the arrow.  The balance and added spine greatly reduce deflection of the arrow on initial launch.  What we once thought as necessary weight forward will soon become weight balanced.

What does all this mean?

You now have an arrow that delivers very efficient flight from the bow’s energy.  The increased energy is transferred to the arrow which will now oscillate less and recover more quickly down range.  Although you have added on average 50-55 grains through the cut off and insert process, the arrow delivers increased performance in kinetic energy and consistency in flight.

Do you have to use special vanes with the NuFletch products?

The NuFletch products come complete with Fusion style vanes made by Norway Industries exclusively for NuFletch products.  Replacement vanes, in both Fusion and Zeon Fusion, are packaged in quantities of 36 and 100 counts.  Vanes are available here online or at stocking dealers.   The NuFletch Fusion and Zeon Fusion vanes are recommended because the base of the vanes are designed to fit the grooves in fletch holder.  2010 Blazer Vanes can be used simply by trimming the nose of the vane to fit the grooves.  The NuFletch Fusion vanes are 1.7”.  NuFletch Cross Bolt models use standard Norway Fusion vanes that measure 2.125″; these standard Fusion vanes can be found at most archery dealers or on line at www.norwayindustries.com.

What comes in the NuFletch package?

The NuFletch (APE Tail) products are packaged with six NuFletch bodies complete with Fusion style vanes from Norway Industries, six nock caps and 6 fully indexable nocks.   Each pack is securely shipped in a sealed blister pack. (*Please Note* Due to the large assortment of arrow diameters and inserts, NuFletch does not provide arrow inserts.) Please see your local archery dealer for inserts.

All Standard and Light product is now packaged with 6 Lighted Nocks (6 battery light sticks included in each package).  X product Lighted Nocks coming soon!  Please contact us at 1-877-FLETCH-IT (1-877-353-8244) if you are interested in Standard or Light products without lighted nocks.

What is proper nock fit?

Nocks should always be checked for proper fit prior to shooting. Nock fit may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. NuFletch has recently developed its own mold and now produces its own in-house nock. Consistency among these nocks is very high. However, as we all know, machines can sometimes surprise us. Nocks should fit fairly tight. A loose fitting nock will not function properly. Check nock fit into nock cap…if it is too loose, do NOT shoot it. If the nock fit is tight, Bow String Wax can be applied to the nock throat to aid in proper fit. If the nock is still just too tight for your liking, simply wrap the nock throat in sand paper (320-400 grade works well) and give the nock about 6 or 7 turns. Check the fit again before going back to the wax.

All 3 of my NuFletch vanes will not slide all the way down into the NuFletch ferrule. What do I do?

In some instances, the 3rd vane may not immediately slide all the way down into the NuFletch ferrule. This is due to varying material thickness (ie, the shrink rate of the vane material when extruded). This may add enough thickness to prevent an easy slide of all 3 vanes upon the first vane installation. This is easily solved by adding a very small amount of Bow String Wax (or sometimes just a little lick will do the trick!) to the base of the vane and sliding it up and down the fletch slots one time.

I’ve installed NuFletch and notice my arrow ‘kicking’ in flight. What do I do?

It is essential that your bow is tuned for the arrows you intend to shoot for proper arrow flight.  If you see movement in your arrow flight after installing NuFletch, it is highly recommended that you paper tune your bow.  Think about this, if you paper tune your bow to a single arrow, you are attempting to get this single arrow to shoot a perfect bullet hole in the paper.  If the next arrow you put in the bow is exactly like the one you tuned to, then it should shoot ‘identical’ to the previous arrow.  The closer the arrows match, the better the arrow performs.  NuFletch allows you to shorten the arrow, thus reducing the number of irregularities along the shaft.  NuFletch also provides you the ability to choose among several spine options.  This is possible because you now have shortened the arrow and increased the spine of the shaft.  Therefore, paper tuning is highly effective for NuFletch equipped arrows.


When paper tuning, proper shooting form and consistent release are critical.  Try shooting each arrow a number of times to make sure that you are getting a consistent reading.  Paper tuning can take a little time, but it will pay big dividends in accuracy.

Still have questions?

If we haven’t answered your question(s) here, or if you need any additional help at, please contact us at 1-877-353-FLETCH-IT (1-877-353-8244).

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