• An accomplished bowhunter, Miranda has taken over 50 whitetails on video and has taken all 29 North American Big Game animals with archery tackle, being the first bowhunter to have documented the archery SUPER SLAM® on video. If it’s big game bowhunting, Miranda likely has achieved it including African Elephant, Hippo and Cape Buffalo.
  • Beyond the Hunt…where it’s not just the harvest that makes a hunt memorable! From unique profiles to their own personal adventures, join Rick & Julie Kreuter on the Outdoor Channel as they spotlight “the experience!”
  • Meet Mike Pelletier, Mike Rasmussen and their dedicated, addicted and downright crazy bunch of hearty outdoorsmen from the NORTH that make up the HardCore Pursuit Team. Watch HardCore Pursuit on Sportsman Channel.
  • The Chase is on with Leigh & Travis Creekbaum, as this husband wife team battles the elements and their busy careers to live the dream of filming hunts. Get in on The Chase on the Sportsman Channel.
  • Spook Spann’s accomplishments include 21 Pope & Young whitetails; 7 Boone & Crockett whitetails; and so much more! He recently harvested a Utah mule deer he shot at 100-yards with NuFletch! Be sure to check out this phenomenal hunter on Spook Nation on the Pursuit Channel.
  • Join champion turkey caller, Alex Rutledge, and his gang as they deer hunt, smallmouth bass fish, lawn mower and muscle car race on the Pursuit Channel.
  • Join Randy Birdsong, Troy Ruiz & Nate Hosie on the Outdoor Channel as they achieve their goal to be different. “We wanted to produce a show to give the viewer an inside look of producing an actual reality hunting series. From obtaining air time, selling advertisement, lining up producers to killing animals, we want to bring it all to the viewer.”
  • Join Andy Morgan, Gerald Swindle, Chad Ritter and Tony Smotherman on the Outdoor Channel as they devote their efforts and passions into pin-pointing trophy deer across the United States. The work doesn’t stop from the time food plots go in till the arrow exits the rest.
  • Scent-Lok’s High Places presents hunting like you do it, with amazing hunting action and real-life situations that are sure to increase your heart rate. The footage they produce brings you up-close and personal on deer, bear and elk hunts charged with high-intensity action.
  • Growing up in South Georgia there are 3 things that matter the most to brothers, Jared and Kyle Lott: God, Georgia Southern Football and Hunting. Join the action on Smacked Outdoors! Check ‘em out at
  • Be sure to catch Ken & Rachel Dabbs and Wayne Bomstad as they Hunt…Wicked Close on Pursuit Channel.
  • Mossy Oak’s Deer T.H.U.G.S. follows the hardest of the hardcore whitetail hunters to learn what they know that sets them apart. On Pursuit Channel, featuring: Jimmy Riley, Kevin Burleson, Fred Law, Justin Eakins and Charlie O'Brien.
  • Join Ashley and Danielle as they face the challenges of making all their dreams come true one hunt at a time, while bringing America closer to the understanding of why hunting is not just a passion but an obsession.
  • Walt Pittman – NuFletch ProStaff – ASA Pro Shooter and World Class Bowhunter
  • Amy Pittman – NuFletch ProStaff - ASA Pro Shooter and World Class Bowhunter
  • Jason Mikel – NuFletch ProStaff
  • Cory Holland – NuFletch ProStaff

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